Cultura Inglesa Em Casa

Cultura Inglesa em Casa

Cultura Inglesa Em Casa traz para as telinhas em casa uma série de eventos conduzidos por artistas e professores que serão gravados em vídeo e transmitidos no Instagram (, para animar os domingos dessa quarentena com humor, diversão, entretenimento, e de quebra, a prática do inglês.

Confira a programação:

  • 17/05 Smart Photography – João Hannuch
    Do you enjoy taking pictures? Are you up to date with social media and digital influencers? Photographer João Hannuch teaches you how to optimize your feed and how to get more followers and will also give you tips tips on achieving more success on your posts. Workshop combining theory and practice for students over 15. 
  • 24/05 London Fashion Police – Gabriela Morale e Marcello Lasco
    Be a fashion expert for a day. Learn new vocabulary items to be able to comment on any look that you want. All of that with a touch of British style. 
  • 31/05 Easy Apple Crumble – Chef Diogo Melro
    Making it easy to prep this amazing dessert for the cold days ahead in Quarantine! A quick demo for a tasty and beautiful dish! 
  • 07/06 Intriguing UK – Katyuscia Serudo e Patricia Buzzato
    A 9-question quiz about some of UK’s not so well known general trivia, answered by Garth, our teacher at International House London in January 2020. 
  • 14/06 Do it yourself! A Puppet Making tutorial video – Vitor Amato
    It’s a simple way of spending time with your family and creating something together. Have you ever thought about making a puppet of your own? On this video, we will show you some easy techniques of how to create your own puppets with materials you have at home. We’ll tell you how to make two different kinds of puppets: a hand-puppet and a string-puppet (or, a marionette). It’s a classic theater tradition and a nice way of expressing yourself!